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AUGUST 19-20,2022

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As They Say...
The Show Must Go On!

Ellsworth Cowtown Days is a cherished part of our community.  It's an annual festivity, a celebration of our rich cattletown heritage, and a time for alumni and families and friends to gather together in tradition and famously hot weather.  From the parade to the Shooting of the Sheriff to the rodeo, everyone has a favorite.  

This year's Cowtown Days WILL GO ON.  It requires the work of dedicated community change-makers, who are willing to volunteer their time and energy to make this event continue, driving more tradition and more memories to the downtown streets of Ellsworth.  As you take part in this year's event, thank the volunteers who made this possible, and throw your hat in the ring be a part of something special...the Ellsworth Cowtown Committee.  

Cowtown Committee Members:  Tami McGreevy (President), Kyli McGreevy (Secretary), Jennifer Young (Treasurer), Jason Hicks, Ignatius Rodriguez, Jessica Crome, Joey Crome, Chris Rios, Jeannie Kline, , Daniel Finnegan, Shane Haase, Nancy Karst, Dave Miller, Cindy Miller, Stacie Schmidt (Marketing & social media)

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